Open whole-space control

We've taken a fresh approach by making regular building fixtures compatible with a simple 2-wire DC low-voltage system. And the best part? We've added intelligent features that allow them to be controlled and monitored without additional wiring or labor. It's a safe and smart wiring solution for modern buildings that doesn't lock people into proprietary systems.

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Perfect time for low-voltage

Today, many fixtures convert the incoming 120v AC to low-voltage DC using a driver (internal or remote) to power it's internal circuit. For LEDs like downlights, they internally work between 12v to 40v DC. And for other fixtures like fans, blinds, sensors, and door controls, it's typically 12v or 24v DC. Combined with the trend towards low-power, today's fixtures are already primed for DC low-voltage, and ready to be adapted to join Domatic's network.

Our fixture partners

We're working with fixture manufacturers to adapt a growing list of fixtures to be powered and controlled with Domatic. Give us your fixture list, and let us evaluate and adapt for you. Or pick from the sample ones below (not exhaustive list).

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NRTL listed products

All our hardware controllers are carefully designed and meet all necessary UL requirements based on NEC 2020, such as UL 62368 or UL 8750. But since all connected Domatic devices work under NEC Class 2 (Article 725), they're already inherently safe from fire and shock hazards.

If you have any specific standards you'd like us to address, we'd be happy to discuss them with you.

Domatic 10-port hub 1000W
Current-controlled driver 60W
Voltage-controlled driver 72W
Decora Momentary Input Device

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