At Domatic, we’re reinventing the way buildings are powered

We believe everyone deserves to live and work in spaces that are safer, greener, and healthier.

That is why Domatic is replacing 100-year-old, inefficient 120/240V AC wiring. Instead, we have an intelligent low-voltage DC solution that combines power and data on the same wires. By centralizing AC/DC conversion at the source, we're paving the way for widespread solar-powered future that relies on DC.

Not to mention, with intelligence on the wire itself, we can have seamless environmental control for better sleep, work, and play.

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Engineering with excellence and humanity

Our decades-long careers have taken us through Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, and others. We are skilled at electrical engineering, microchip and board design, software, and cloud computing. We strive to be excellent in anything we touch.

We think about a lot of stuff. Like how to engineer our products to use less energy. Or how to deliver healthier experiences for people. Or how to make things that don't require engineers to install. It’s tough putting it all together, but we don't shy from challenges because they make us better.

It's about time more people can enjoy compelling and healthy living spaces. Join us by getting started.

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