Transforming the living space experience

Our mission is to enable smart buildings and incredible living spaces.  We achieve this by taking a novel low-voltage DC approach to power distribution that is simple and safe to install and connects every fixture in the building to our smart, plug-and-play building network.

This means creating buildings that are easier to build and maintain and provide great experiences for occupants.

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Engineering with integrity

Our careers span great companies like Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Intel, as well as some creative startups. Our skills cover electrical engineering, microchip and board design, software, and cloud computing. We're all about being excellent in whatever we do. We think about hard problems, like making our products use less energy, creating magical experiences, and making things easy to install for normal people. It's not always easy, but we love a good challenge because it pushes us to be even better.

It's about time more folks can enjoy awesome and healthy living spaces. Join us to get started.

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