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We are a dynamic team of veteran silicon valley engineers in San Mateo, CA, recently funded by Brick and Mortar Ventures, Catapult VC, Alchemist, Third Sphere, and some great angel investors including the founder of GitHub.

Our mission is to empower builders to build intelligent, efficient buildings. If you share our mission, we want to talk to you.

React Native / Web Developer


San Mateo, California


We are looking for a front-end web developer who can realize the potential of cross-platform app design across mobile and web, maximizing code re-use and unlocking the ability to innovate quickly, leveraging tools and frameworks like React Native and Expo.


You’ll be performing these activities, which may evolve over time:

Own the architecture for front-end development

  • Set the direction for the team so we can quickly and easily build applications for iOS, Android, and web.
  • Leverage cross-platform tools like Expo to empower the team to contribute to application development without deep platform expertise

Develop a pipeline for continuous testing and integration for cross-platform apps

  • Leverage tools like Jest, CircleCI, to maximize the quality of our applications

Build and maintain a strong foundation for feedback on app usage and user behavior

  • Ensure we know when something works and when it doesn’t.


You are hands-on and well-versed in React Native development for web and mobile.  You enjoy diving into new frameworks or libraries that promise to make the team productive.  You’re a fast learner and a great teacher to your peers.

Technical skills:

  • CS degree or 3+ years of development experience in a small-to-medium software team
  • 2+ years experience with web development
  • 1+ years experience with React Native
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Solutions Engineer


San Mateo, California


We’re looking for a full-time Solutions Engineer.  A Solutions Engineer is a customer-facing technical role that involves interacting with customers, figuring out what they need, providing technical solutions to their problems, making sure they’re happy, and contributing to our product roadmap.


You’ll be performing these activities, which may evolve over time:

1) Follow customer from start to finish:

  • Interact with customers and visit project sites to learn and follow projects through
  • Prepare project plan for customers, working with constituents like MEP consultants, architects, contractors, building inspectors
  • Gather fixture hardware for site installation and manage installation process, overseeing the progress on site
  • Support customers on issues during and after install, and work with engineering to improve the products
  • Train customers on the Domatic system

2) Evaluate fixtures to determine compatibility with Domatic:

  • Select fixtures for evaluation from customer requests and potential partners
  • Review, prioritize and filter fixture datasheets
  • Procure and evaluate fixtures for mechanical, electrical, and software fit
  • Work with partner manufacturers to support their Domatic fixture projects
  • Build new manufacturer partnerships

3) Analyze floor plans and perform annotations for projects:

  • Carefully select fixtures for the project based on features and budget
  • Estimate power requirements and cost
  • Annotate plans with Domatic low-voltage diagrams and fixture placements
  • Prepare Bill of Materials (BOMs) for operations and accounting
  • Continually improve the process, seeking ways to optimize/automate


You have worked in construction for at least 3 years, and can communicate effectively with various constituents in the industry. You enjoy working with people, and can travel to customer and partner sites. You are very familiar with construction planning tools like Revu or AutoCAD, are hands-on/handy with hardware tools and equipment, and are not afraid to learn new tools and processes.  You should have a background in electrical circuits (a degree or certification) and have some experience in computer programming.

Technical tools:

  • 2+ years experience with construction tools like Bluebeam Revu or Autodesk AutoCAD
  • Familiar with issue tracking tools like Jira or Asana, and CRMs like Zendesk or Salesforce
  • Familiar with databases like AirTable, MongoDB
  • Desired experience with programming, such as C/C++, etc.
  • Desired experience with CAD Tools like SketchUp, Solidworks, etc.
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