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Simple electrical wiring

Domatic is an easy, safe, and efficient electrical wiring and networking system for building fixtures. It delivers both power and data using a shared low-voltage 2-conductor cable that can be spliced like Romex. It controls all fixtures and powers up to 100W, such as lights, fans, blinds, sensors, door controllers, security cameras, speakers, and HVAC. It brings all the fixtures into a shared network for whole-space control.

Intelligent flexible network

Domatic simplifies the process of designing electrical layouts by enabling software control over the entire system. By interpreting circuit diagrams from floor plans, fixtures can be automatically commissioned, eliminating time-consuming IT work. The secure central hub hosts an app platform and manages the fixture network, with critical functions not dependent on the Internet, to ensure peace of mind while offering limitless UX possibilities.

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Designed for vibrant living

Domatic makes high-quality LED dimming, color control, and circadian lighting more accessible by converting fixed brightness and color settings of fixtures into dynamic software control that responds to events like time-of-day, occupancy, or even doorbell activity. Domatic fixtures are designed to be immune to the effects of 50/60Hz mains, ensuring that color and dimming control remain unaffected by grid frequencies that typically cause flickering.

Built for a green world

Domatic reduces energy loss by centralizing AC-DC conversion at the circuit breaker, resulting in up to 40% reclamation of lost energy. When combined with a solar/storage system, Domatic maximizes power generation, storage, and distribution as DC, further enhancing energy savings. Domatic's new wiring and software approach removes obstacles to deploying sensors and controls throughout the building, facilitating algorithms to surpass efficiency standards such as CA Title 24.

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We work with builders making vibrant, affordable living spaces

Domatic partners with innovative builders on multi-unit residential projects with the goal of making exciting living spaces affordable and green.

"We're focused on delivering dignified, ever more affordable multi-rise dwellings. Integral to that mission is developing and constantly refining a holistic data and low-voltage power solution. Domatic’s insights regarding the intelligent management of low-voltage power fit seamlessly with our network architecture. The systems Domatic’s experts have already created and deployed convinced us that they are the partner we need to forge its holistic converged network solutions and deliver it to built environment."

Don Reid
Sustainable Living Innovations

“Domatic’s solution fits right into our mission to build beautiful, affordable apartments.  They really nailed this.  We’ve used their gear in our show room to power and control lights, fans, speakers, door control, and blinds, and the reactions from guests and potential customers are overwhelmingly positive.”

Curtis Wong
Cloud Apartments

Scott MacLellan, Principal of Gurnet Point

"Domatic is a great partner with a highly experienced and competent team. They’re experts in networking and hardware design, and they have come up with truly innovative solutions to real life problems. They’ve done a lot of research into current construction techniques, products, and processes to expose very real and unique opportunities for disruption and I have no doubt in my mind that they will deliver on those opportunities."

Scott Maclellan
Gurnet Point

Zach Zhavari

“We love the idea of low voltage lighting and have been doing research on what solutions are available and who could supply us.  [Domatic] seems like a great fit for what we are looking for.”

Zach Khavari
Fading West Development

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