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It’s time to make electrical wiring simpler, smarter, and greener.

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Make electrical wiring

Domatic is easy and safe to install into the structure of the building. It provides power and data on a single wire pair to fixtures and sensors throughout a building, yielding a lower overall cost.

flexible network

With Domatic, we reduce headaches for electricians by simplifying electrical circuits. Powered by software, Domatic offers central control to a network of devices.

Designed for
healthier living

Domatic makes high-quality circadian lighting affordable, ushering in healthier lighting for everyone. Domatic fixtures are free of the effects of 50/60Hz mains, making color and dimming control immune to grid frequencies that cause flicker.

Built for a more
efficient world

Domatic reclaims up to 40% of energy loss by centralizing AC-DC conversion at one location. When combined with a solar/storage system, more power is generated, stored, and distributed as DC, providing even more energy savings. Domatic’s wiring and software approach removes barriers to deploying sensors throughout the building, enabling algorithms that easily exceed efficiency standards like California's Title 24.

We work with owners and builders

Domatic partners with innovative builders on residential and commercial projects.

“Domatic’s approach is very unique, they and the modular manufacturers work together to deliver houses in time, and low costs.”

Weili Xu

"Domatic is the only system we’ve seen that lets us innovate on a better experience for occupants as well as operators."

Eric Sun


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