We're all for Supportive Housing

Nestled in Seattle's Aurora-Licton Springs neighborhood, a new type of project is unfolding – the DESC Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) initiative at 8610 Aurora Avenue North. When complete, the new building will feature approximately 124 studio units of affordable housing with supportive services and indoor/outdoor community spaces for the tenants, single adults who are living with disabilities and have been experiencing homelessness.

The DESC PSH project is designed to create a stable and supportive environment for single adults with disabilities who have faced homelessness. What sets this project apart is its pioneering construction technique – the world's first Permanent Supportive Housing building constructed using panelized construction process, featuring rooftop solar, waste heat recovery, and Domatic’s ultra-efficient electrical wiring and networking system for building fixtures. 

As the DESC PSH project progresses, we are currently installing our fixtures throughout the building. These fixtures cover not only our hubs, LED drivers, and occupancy sensors but also a smart water and energy monitoring devices. This addition is a testament to our commitment to enhancing the building's efficiency, and affordability.

Domatic's involvement in the DESC PSH project underscores our dedication to progress, innovation, and societal advancement:

Affordability: Our low-voltage power distribution system contributes to cost efficiency, aligning seamlessly with DESC's mission to provide affordable housing for those in need.

Smart Building Technology: Our fixtures are essential components of a comprehensive smart building system that includes lighting, sensors, access control, and even a smart water and energy meter system. This system elevates residents' safety, building operations, and overall building efficiency.

Sustainability: By incorporating Domatic’s energy-efficient and building monitoring technologies, we play a vital role in reducing the building's environmental footprint, in line with DESC's dedication to sustainability.



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