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At Domatic, we focus a lot of time and energy on helping builders to construct smarter buildings, and making those buildings easier for owners to manage and maintain.  We don’t often talk as much about the benefits to occupants of living in a smarter building.  But because creating a great occupant experience is a big part of our work, we’d like to highlight some of the ways in which Domatic’s solution can let residents “live in the future”. 

Coming Home

“Keyless entry” has become a ubiquitous feature in cars, allowing you to open your car door when you’re close to it without pulling out your keys.  This makes getting in and out of your vehicle seamless—great when you’re carrying groceries or when you want to keep your key in your bag.  Initially, this was done with a key fob that replaced your traditional keys you kept in your pocket, but more recently it’s become possible to access your car with no keys or fob, simply by installing an app on your smartphone.  Tesla is a notable pioneer in this concept of “phone keys”. 

With Domatic, we’re bringing the same convenience to your building door and your apartment door.  In this context, using your phone as a key means more than just the convenience of hands-free access to your apartment.  It also means that you can share access with anyone else who owns a phone.  You can now easily share access to your place with friends or family members, create a more seamless and secure experience for your AirBnB guests, and allow service or maintenance staff into your apartment based on a pre-set schedule.  

Healthier Lighting

Smartphone makers have widely adopted the idea of a “Night Shift” mode, reducing the amount of blue light our eyes are exposed to during evening hours.  Blue light has been shown to negatively impact serotonin production,  an important neurotransmitter required for quality sleep.  Domatic makes it easy  to give the lights in our homes the same Night Shift behavior.  Many modern LED fixtures come with multiple colors of LEDs to accommodate design and architectural preferences for color temperature in lighting design.  Controlling the color of light dynamically throughout the day, however, is generally costly and difficult to implement.   With Domatic, this becomes a no-cost addition to any light fixture, allowing residents to set their own dynamic preferences—whether they are aiming for a specific mood in their space or looking for better sleep.  

Beyond color, traditional AC-powered LED lights tend to flicker at noticeable frequencies with the oscillation of the sinusoidal AC power input. Traditional AC dimmers make this worse because they narrow the width of the “on” portion of the cycle, making flickering worse at low light levels.

Domatic can flexibly power LED elements directly from a DC source, and our high-performance dimmers are designed to comply with the IEEE PAR 1789 specification for healthy lighting, resulting in no perceivable flicker down to 1% dimming levels.

Because of our ability to provide flicker-free lighting that can be dynamically controlled, Domatic brings healthy, flicker-free, circadian lighting to residents—without any extra cost.  


Voice control has become a staple of  modern “smart homes”, allowing occupants to control components of their home by voice.  A wide range of smart home devices can be connected to the voice assistant ecosystems of Amazon, Apple, or Google, depending on the tenant’s preferences—however the experience of setting these systems up can be at times confusing and tedious.

Domatic makes it easy for an occupant to connect their entire apartment to their preferred voice assistant in a single step.  This removes the need for per-device configuration; all devices become available for voice control automatically.

In addition to voice control, Domatic powers smart, built-in speakers that act as a per-room voice control as well as a multi-room audio system, allowing a tenant to stream music to their entire home from either their chosen voice assistant or their smart phones and computers using common protocols like Apple’s AirPlay or Google’s Cast.

Smart Furniture

Beyond the smart home devices we already know, smart furniture promises to bring even more convenience to the home.  Window blinds and shades that can open and close on command or automatically, kitchen drawers that can automatically close if left open, or cabinets can raise or lower to make it easier to get to spaces normally out of reach are just a few examples.  With Domatic in place, any of these systems can be implemented seamlessly and quickly and operate on one easy-to-use system.

Away from Home

When you’re not at home, Domatic lets you monitor and remotely control your home from anywhere.  Knowing there’s moisture where it shouldn’t be can be an early warning sign of water damage, and allows you to quickly take the right steps.  Knowing that you’ll be notified when there’s movement at home when you’re not there can give you peace of mind.  Automatic detection of vacancy through Domatic’s ubiquitous sensor options means that heating and cooling systems can conserve energy when you’re not there, and when you are on your way home the system gets a head start on returning your apartment to your preferred comfort levels.

Living in the Future

Domatic brings power and connectivity to the home in a revolutionary new way. We make it easier for builders to construct and for managers to operate—but we also want to truly fulfill the promise of the smart home to provide a healthy, comfortable and convenient living experience. With our latest product updates, we’re one step closer to living in the future.

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