Jim on Dave Cooper LIVE

A (pandemic) fire-side chat

Jim sat down with Dave Cooper with a deck and a beer (not seen) to talk about what Domatic is and how it's changing how buildings are electrically wired. They talk about various topics like the problems with traditional wiring systems, the areas that Domatic tackles, benefits of going Class 2 low-voltage, and capabilities that a software-enabled building solution enables for all constituents.

Dave Cooper LIVE is an online talk show about the technology, innovation and evolution enabling us to Build It Better.

Dave's mission is to help industry experts share their story, their industry insight or forecasts so that others can connect with new partners, find new resources, drive change and grow their business.  These conversations are rooted in innovation and inclusivity within the niche marketplace of prefabrication and offsite construction. It’s an inside look at the places and with the people who make it all happen.



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