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At Domatic, we focus a lot of time and energy on helping builders to construct smarter buildings, and making those buildings easier for owners to manage and maintain. We don’t often talk as much about the benefits to occupants of living in a smarter building. But because creating a great occupant experience is a big part of our work, we’d like to highlight some of the ways in which Domatic’s solution can let residents “live in the future”. 

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Domatic was founded to answer this question

It’s 2020, and we continue to wire buildings the same way we did over 100 years ago. We could be making smarter, better, more efficient buildings, but we aren’t. Domatic was founded in 2019 and set out to understand the challenges the construction industry faces, and ultimately find an answer to this question.

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A healthier building starts with better lighting

Modern lighting is much more energy efficient since the introduction of the light-emitting-diode (LED), but early LED light fixtures also gave us unnatural color and flicker that we didn’t have in the days of lighting from flames and incandescent bulbs.

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How Domatic makes a real difference in energy efficiency

Domatic is a key building technology that has direct benefits in energy efficiency. With climate change getting the attention it deserves, solar energy and support for DC smart grids are seen as a critical component of a modern, energy-efficient building.

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