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We take all the low-power fixtures (under 100W) and make them run on 2-wires carrying DC low-voltage. Then we layer in intelligence so that the fixtures can talk to central hub, without additional wiring or WIFI. This is the safe and better way to do wiring for modern buildings.

Each product is carefully designed in the USA, and meets all applicable UL and FCC requirements based on NEC 2020. Talk to us about specific standards you would like us to meet.

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We're working with fixture manufacturers to adapt all kinds of fixtures to be powered and controlled with Domatic.

Today, many low-power fixtures (under 100W) take the line 120v AC and convert it to low-voltage DC inside. For LED lights like downlights, sconces, or strips, the LED elements normally work between 12v to 40v DC. And for other fixtures like fans, blinds, sensors, and door controls, the internal circuit works on 12v or 24v DC. So these fixtures are already primed for DC low-voltage, and all they need is a simple adaptation.

Give us your fixture list, and let us evaluate and adapt for you. Or pick from the ones below.

Domatic-Compatible Fixtures

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